Solidarity Friends!

What do you get when you mix two ounces of Joe Strummer-like political anger topped off with the guitar tones of Johnny Marr? The socialist alt-rock cocktail of your dreams. The Soviet Influence: a socialist alt-rock group that appeal to nostalgic listeners while refusing to become stale, combining 60s-era protest themes with the post punk, new wave and modern styles of the ever-changing indie rock genre. Name-checked by Alan Cross, Obscure Sound and Divide and Conquer, the band has four full-length albums under their belt, the latest released in 2022 titled Thieves of Joy. With styles that evoke the likes of Radiohead, Bloc Party and The Talking Heads, The Soviet Influence effortlessly combines progressive political messaging with neo-vintage sounds, labeling the band as a stand-out amongst their competition- and an act to keep your eye on.

Band members

Peter Snow


Ty Mackenzie


Steve McFarlane


Sarah Becker


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