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Indie Rock For Your Revolution

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Your parents were punks what happened to you? Billionaires shouldn't exist.

Black lives matter.

Defund the police.

We're a political band. 

If David Byrne, Thom Yorke, and Gord Downie were Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, they might have turned into The Soviet Influence. It’s driving guitars, quirky melodies meeting leftist fervor. Indie Rock For Your Revolution.


The Soviet Influence is Peter Snow, Blake Morey, Peter Morey and Ty Mackenzie. Formed in 2011 they have become one of Canada's most left wing bands.  They have two full length albums, Boundaries and The Price of Vigilence as well as two EPs Check Boxes and This Band Is So God


The Soviet Influence

The Riot Now Out

New EP: This Band is So God

We have a new song. Running Song was produced by David Patridge. You can find it on Bandcamp or Spotify.

Running Song Now Out

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The Riot is our manifesto. It is our truest expression of the political heart of this band. We are a political band, a leftist band, a socialist band. It's also free and on our bandcamp. PLEASE DONATE TO SOCIAL JUSTICE CAUSES INSTEAD.

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Check out This Band Is So God. The lead track Take My Fire will be on our next record due out late summer/early fall. It was named earshot distro song of the day and you can request it on campus radio stations across Canada! Two Weeks was written on stage as an unexpected encore at our last album release show. Watch Out is the first song to feature our new guitar player Ty Mackenzie. 


An Introduction

We are excited to announce our new album, Socialism: An Introduction is now available. You can also found it on streaming and for purchase through this link. You can check out the art work by the incredibly talented Caillin Kowalczyk.  If you are looking for anthems for your next socialist meeting, if you need political music, if you want Canadian music with a strong leftist inclination, this album will be for you. An injury to one is an injury to all! Solidarity!


New Video for Oh Not Tonight

The Soviet Influence on Marz Garage